Former GG Location Demolition

Living in a concrete jungle, a building’s uses often change as often as it’s traffic patterns.  The ways of life in communities change.  The Hillcrest of the 1940’s and 50’s was a lot different from the Hillcrest of the 1970’s when the LGBT community began to to call Hillcrest  “home”.  And likewise the Hillcrest that Jess Jessop and Bernie Michelle envisioned has now blossomed into the most colorful and vibrant community in San Diego.

People may come and go and businesses may change but one thing always remains- memories (and flamingo’s- trust us).  This week we were fortunate enough to get one last walk-through of the original Gossip Grill location at 1440 University before it gets reinvented into a new space with new memories for someone else.  And while each one of us has a special memory of our first time at the original 1440 location, we are fortunate that we have only outgrown the space and now get to create memories at our new 1220 University Avenue, Gossip Grill location.

It is human nature to attach a certain value to places that touch our lives, particularly when those places play a special role in our lives.  For many of us, Gossip Grill was our first woman’s bar. It was the place we first came out.  Where we shared our first glances with another girl (or boy).  Perhaps we shared a celebration drink and dinner.  We made new friends at Gossip Grill. We had our first date, maybe even our first kiss at Gossip Grill. These are the memories that we won’t soon forget, and we invite you to share your favorite memory of 1440 University, as you create new ones at our new 1220 University Avenue location.

Comment on our Facebook pages with your favorite memories of Gossip. See you at our new location!

Goodbye 1440 University…  we had fun!



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