Dinah Shore Palm Springs celebrates 25 YEARS!

What To Expect For Dinah Shore 2015?

Held April 1-April 5, 2015, The Dinah Shore Weekend, now in its 25th year is expected to be the biggest it’s ever been.
One ticket gets Dinah goers into everything: pay once, play over multiple days! Individual tickets are available at the door. Entrance is only guaranteed with a weekend pass.
Twenty-five years is certainly a milestone for an all woman/all-lesbian event, and speaks volume with regards to the tight bond between not only The Dinah and the City of Palm Springs, but also, and most importantly, between the two entities and the thousands of lesbian travelers (either returning or attending for the first time) who uniquely create The Dinah family.
A successful marriage that year after year is going stronger than ever!

“It’s all about celebrating our formidably vibrant community, and the wonderful experiences and exceptional accomplishments we have created and shared together with our Dinah family members over these past 25 years,” says Mariah Hanson, founder and producer of The Dinah Shore Weekend.

Dinah Palm Springs

The History of Dinah Shore

Mariah Hanson, under her Club Skirts Marquis, created the world famous Dinah Shore Weekend in 1991. Credited as the original founder of The Dinah by leading LGBT press, Mariah originally produced The Dinah at the world renowned Palm Springs Modern Art Museum. Mariah’s first Dinah was sold out, packing every room of the museum, where party goers drank martini’s while surrounded by tens of millions of dollars worth of art. Mariah also booked entire hotels so that they were 100% lesbian occupied, brought in national sponsors, popular national recording artists, and kept all events in walking distance. The simple but daring concept, of creating a lesbian world within the city, catapulted the Dinah to international fame. Today, The Dinah is considered the largest lesbian event in the world.

Mariah has received the coveted key to the Palm Springs city, presented by openly out Mayor, Ron Oden in 1998. She has appeared in Out 100 list of influential lesbians, received numerous awards and accolades, including the nationally renowned Athena Award, a Legacy Award by Palm Springs Pride and a Lifetime Achievement award by The Coachella Valley LGBT Community Center. She’s receiving an Achievement Award with Lily Tomlin by NCLR in 2015 and have been voted #36 most eligible single lesbian by lesbian.com.

2015 marks The Dinah’s (as the event is affectionately called), 25th anniversary celebration. Plans are already in place to produce the most stellar Dinah in history. 2015 headliner’s include Meghan Trainor and Christina Perri.

Early History
Mariah began her entertainment career in 1988 when she debuted Club Skirts, originally as a Sunday night dance club for San Francisco/Bay Area women. She quickly branched out to a Saturday night dance Club, The Girl Spot, which reached international status, and was open for 15 years!

In 1996, Mariah brought the Dinah concept to Northern California, and The Monterey Women’s festival was born. A mini-Dinah, The Club Skirts Monterey Women’s festival was held for seven years. In 2003, Mariah bought The Cherry Bar in San Francisco and presented a seven day a week lesbian nightclub concept to San Francisco. She sold it in 2006 to focus solely on the
Dinah and partnering with girl nightclubs around the country to spread the Dinah word.

Club Skirts girlsMariah completed two terms on the Board of Equality California, the non-profit organization that was pivotal in winning the marriage equality battle in California. She has served on the “Women’s Night” committee for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. Both organizations are past charity recipients of The Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend.

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